Your advantage:

1. What is Recht & Management?

Your „In house“ solution
Your on-site company lawyer - in your offices with you as an early warning system.
for the daily legal problems

Your situation:

  1. As a non-lawyer you do not know what you should ask your lawyer.
  2. However, your lawyer only works if you instruct him with checks.
  3. Should you as a non-lawyer not see risks, a security gap develops from which a lot of damage can arise.
  4. Your lawyer is too far removed from your daily activities to be able to deliver recommendations actively?

Result: Every day you take a high risk without knowing it


Your chance:

We are your contact partner for the daily legal problems also for the "apparently" small questions of everyday business life.

and the complex legal questions. Also for complex legal questions Recht & Management is your cost efficient solution. This kind of the legal service is particularly of interest for small and medium companies which don‘t want to set up their own legal department, but need legal consultation.

2. Why Recht & Management?


Based on 10 year of legal advice as a syndic in international companies
( fischerwerke EPSON ) familiar with business thinking and the development of business strategies. We have practical experience and have the perspective which helps you.
Effective management consultancy needs practice experience and management knowledge. Company lawyers are legal specialists whose know-how no big company can do without. 
cost-optimised Normally you can only employ these specialists on a full time basis. But you can instruct us according to your requirements - flexible in scope and duration. You only pay for the legal service that you need directly. We use your existing resources, e.g., your offices and in that way can offer legal advice at reasonable price. A maximum in flexibility for you. Look and see.
and structured A short time with you and we devise your own structured legal department where third persons can also find their way at any time.
for your security. Recht & Management