2. More ranges of legal consulting

2.1 company law Establishment of foreign subsidiaries, resolutions, statues, appointment of Managing Directors etc.
2.2 commercial and civil law guarantee, costs of handling (warranty by law), demands/warnings /insolvency, (performance of contract ) surety
2.3 risc management(“KonTraG”) Do you have a control system?
 KonTraG obliges companies to take measures to early detection of risks, which could put at risk the continuity of the company.
2.4 product-liability Do you have a checklist? What do you do, when you caused a shutdown of assembly line at your customer’s or your products put the life or health of humans at risk?
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2.5 competition law advertisements, domains, incentives
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2.6 copyright levy Copyright levy - international / national: PC, printer, soon mobile phone, too and maybe ink for printers will/should be tariffed with copyright levy.

Recht & Management consults a pool of printer manufactures to confront the claim on copyright levy of VG-Wort. The pool secures a uniform argumentation and saves costs of consulting, because only one law office is involved.
2.7 tax law * consulting: business management, inheritance, donation (regulation of succession), tax audit, internal revenue
2.8 data protection * Is your company supported by an external data security officer?
2.9 labour law * change of working time, flexible contracts, deployment, repayment of incurred losses concerning company car or IT-accessories caused by employees.
2.10 further legal areas * environmental laws, redemption of electric scrap, trade mark right, product piracy, grey imports, counterstatement in media
2.11 support in legal proceedings Preparation of facts for legal proceedings.
* coorperation with external specialists