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for the establishment and organisation of a legal department

Your chance:

Effective management consultancy requires practical experience and management knowledge. Company lawyers are legal specialists, whose know-how no large company can do without. Normally you can only employ these specialists only a full time basis. But you can instruct us as specialists according to your requirement - flexible in scope and duration.

Our service is particularly of interest for small and medium companies, which do not want to set up their own legal department, but need legal advice from a company lawyer.

Do you feel concerned?
Use our experience.


What does our work in your office look like?

Imagine, a company lawyer is at your and your employees’ disposal e.g. each Monday from 9 to 12 o‘clock

Upcoming questions soon get discussed, contracts get checked, advertising is, if necessary slightly altered avert a warning.

Along the way standard operations get checked (e.g. confirmation of order, delivery note).Company contracts are archived in one place in original, a data base for cancellation is established etc.

Early warning system:

The on-the-spot presence allows a maximum flow of information.
Recht & Management discusses their particular legally relevant activities with every single department and optimises them to your advantage.

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