Further information

about consultants and about cost minimisation

Many measures need the concerted action of international and national consultants. An interface with professional competence secures success, because the right question at the right moment is important.

Companies feel increasingly „exploited“ by consultants.
Fees are sometimes too high and too obscure (s. *).

An example:
How can it be that e.g. a standard sales contract with advance payment for Russia should cost – at several renowned law offices - 5.000 €? A model contract, that just has to be downloaded?

Recht & Management knows the common prices of consultants and law offices. Recht & Management knows the standard charges of consultants and law firms and can assess the real costs. We can therefore often agree flat rates. For the past ten years we have worked together at home and abroad with reasonably priced specialists, with excellent results. Upon request they will work for you.

Give it a try!
Your budget will be grateful!



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von Claudia Tödtmann und Jörg Lichter
„Die Honorarfalle: Anwaltsrechnungen – Reizthema für Mandanten“,
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