More information

about project management

A well known piece of wisdom:
„Never make the second step before the first.“

Do your projects conform to this checklist?


  • assess requirement for action
  • define tasks

project application

  • projekt target accords with SMART*-criteria
    * SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed
  • define:
    - results to be worked out
    - cost estimation
    - time schedule
    - project organisation (leader, members)
    - connections/dependences to other projects
    - project authorisation

kick-off with project group/ stage of planning

  • communicate the targets
  • milestones, time schedule: define „what, who, when“.
  • define the benefit for your customer and for yourself.
  • Analyse critical factors for success, which means: what has to be considered so that the project succeeds.
  • assure documentation (minutes)


interim arrangements with the client

final meeting


Recht & Management examples of experience in project

  • Restructuring: Organisation of a Holding, integration of acquired companies
  • Foundation of foreign subsidiaries and companies
  • Setting up an e-commerce shop
  • Concepts for distribution
  • Customer binding systems
  • Euro logistic
  • Introduction of EURO
  • Liability of assurance
  • Reclaim of disposal-services fees (e.g. Duales System)
  • Values/company culture
  •  etc.