Further information

about making decisions and delegating by value oriented leading


Would you like the values named at the top to be lived in your company?

Do you believe actively supported ethics pays off economically, because your employees e.g. work willingly for you and do not “mentally resign”?
Are there actively supported values in your company?




Just ask your clerical assistant for the values of your company in terms of a “company culture”. If you discover that there are no actively supported common values and that therefore no company culture exists, we should talk about it.


We are experience in working out values in companies and in breaking them down to department level. Values on paper are not sufficient.

In other words:
Do you think a sport team without rules would be successful?


„Company culture is the sum of the implicit“,
Werner Then (Manager).

„Without trust everything is nothing.“,
Bernhard Kuntz (Handelsblatt 10.09.98).