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about fostering of young talent / employees


Would you hand over your credit card together with an apartment and car key to someone after two job interviews?

Probably not!

So that this doesn't happen – figuratively speaking - in your company one of the most important tasks is the fostering of young talent and the promotion of your employees over years.

Bad surprises are not inevitable.

Do you likewise believe thinking ahead means lateral thinking? Do you also want visionary masterminds and sovereign fighters for matter-of-fact solutions or do you prefer interchangeable manager without profile?

To recognize high potential soon as "raw diamonds" and to retain them assures your turnover. The working atmosphere and company values play a very large role in this. You will miss good people very quickly.


If the fosterers of young talent show a lack of talent themselves, e.g. creativity, then young talents won’t be recognized either. Creativity is a quality that can be enhanced. Please note that nit-pickers find nit-pickers but not lateral thinkers.


„Diversity“, i.e. different characters help you not to miss trends and to prevent crises.


Install a mentoring- or coaching-system and develop your young talents continuously in collective trainings to form them into a team.

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„Exellent managers, good profits: The leadership competence of the managers is directly responsible for the companies growth“
(FAZ, 06.11.04, S. 55, Hewitt study about more than 320 American companies).