Further information

about idea management

  • Do you focus on innovative employees to initiate chances and save money? *
  • Do you also want to cultivate motivation and a good working atmosphere?
  • Do you have an ideas management system to optimize workflows and to develop new activities?
  • The culture of the company is crucial for creativity.
  • Arrange your ideas management according to the concept: „enterpriser in enterprises“.
  • People who are dedicatedly pro-active expect intensive communication und lived dialogue.
  • In larger companies professional idea managers are employed to develop idea management.
  • Encouragement by the top-management is thereby very important.


2003: savings1,16 Mrd. Euro,
1.2 Mio. proposals,
implementation rate: 67 %,
study of "Deutsches Institut für Betriebswirtschaft (dib)" for Germany