More information

about knowledge management

How is your company positioned?

  • You have established guidelines on how information has to be recorded and how it is made available for others?
  • Your employees routinely record their know-how and make this information available, e.g. in a data base? Everybody who has questions finds the right contact person at once without wasting time?
  • Your employees administer a customer data base e.g. about contracts, latest discussions, customer requests etc.?

Are you aware that knowledge constitutes a part of your assets? Every manager that leaves your company takes several hundred thousand Euros of knowledge with him that only with a lot of luck can be restored within maybe a year.


Your advantage:
The process of knowledge measurement gives a view of what you still have to manage.


The problem:
The increasing availability of information leads to overload.


Your responsibility:
Provide instruments which employees can quickly use to access important informations and use them effectively.


Well known wisdom:
“Concentrate on the essentials and prioritise”